Friday, January 30, 2009

Foreshortening: Still F**king Hard

Awesome! Who doesn't like boobies? Nothing to complain about here!

Her right nipple's like, twice the size of her left nipple.


What have we here? Why, it's an anime version of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka sexually assaulting a young Charlie Bucket... WTF?! Really, dude?? C'mon!!
All we can do is hope this "artist" is exorcising his demons through his "work" and not trying to lure a young boy into acting out some cosplay fantasy with him. Thank god for Photoshop.
This isn't even the worst of them. I'll spare your eyes the horrors of the rest. (Don't click that. You don't need to see it. Just go on with your day.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Foreshortening is fucking hard! Sometimes it's not even fun. Look how much fun Supes' is having flying backwards/sideways around the globe. I wish it was fun like that.
Seriously, look at his face. He's so self-assured. He looks like he's pulling that stunt where he flies around the earth clockwise really fast to turn back time. Only this time he's unraping someone.

furry-pot_a.jpg picture by brwats

You know what's hot? When your little bikini top is too small for your round, juicy, furry boobies. You know what's not hot though? Smoking.
I had a boner to the moon until I saw that "cancer stick" hanging out of that pouty little mouth of hers. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe it's a doobie, in which case: Awesome!
Sometimes I like to get totally lit and rub my cat's tail all over my face. I close my eyes and pretend it's all fuschia and shiny and protruding out of a tight furry butt, just for me.
So here, I fixed it for you:

furry-pot.jpg picture by brwats

Kids, don't smoke cigarettes. Just blunts.